The demon.* Newsgroup Hierarchy

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The demon.* newsgroup hierarchy is the newsgroup hierarchy for Demon Internet.

Demon newsgroups are used predominately by customers of Demon Internet, but they are available worldwide on any newsserver that wants to carry them.

The Which Newsgroup FAQ contains a lot of useful information about demon.* newsgroups and the hierarchy in general. This is the first document that you should read.

This page is laid out as a series of questions. If you have any suggestions for these pages, please email me.

What Newsgroups are There?

This page gives details about and the purposes of all the demon.* newsgroups.

Alternatively, you could:
Click Here for the list of all active demon.* newsgroups.
Click Here for the list of all active demon.* newsgroups and their 'Newsgroup File' descriptions.
Click Here for the original Which Newsgroup FAQ that will guide you to the correct newsgroup.
welcome.txt contains (admittedly old) information about the demon.* hierarchy and demon newsgroups.

Do any demon.* Newsgroups have FAQs?

Many demon.* newsgroups do have FAQs. Click Here for a list of all that I am aware of.

Are there any demon.* Newsgroups that it is Essential that I Subscribe to?

Yes! All Demon Internet customers should subscribe to demon.announce. It is the newsgroup used for the posting of announcements by Demon Internet. There is also a mailing list version of this newsgroup, and an archive of previous announcements. Information about both of these is here.

What about Control Messages?

Control messages (cmsgs) are sent by the Demon newsmaster ( Since 2 June 1998 Demon Internet have had a PGP key to sign their control messages. It can be downloaded from

How do I Create a new demon.* Newsgroup?

The newsgroup has been created for this purpose. It would be recommended to read my mini-FAQ before jumping in.

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