The Biafra Story

The Biafra StoryThe Biafra Story
By Frederick Forsyth

First Published: 1969

Also Subtitled:
"The Making of an African Legend"

The Biafra Story, first published in paperback by Penguin Books in 1969, marked Frederick Forsyth's transition from journalist to author. An insightful record of the Biafran War, which Nigeria fought to prevent the secession of its eastern province, it also voices Forsyth's outrage at the extremes of human violence as well as the duplicity of the Western governments who tacitly accepted or actively aided that violence. The research and experience of this work later found expression in another of Forsyth's work, the eminently successful novel about the mercenaries, "The Dogs of War".
Thanks to Kajal Das for providing information about this book.