Frederick Forsyth
UK Book Covers History

Covers of Frederick Forsyth's books that were published in the UK changed approximately once every five years. The dates given in the top row give a very rough idea of when the new cover was introduced.

Circa 1975Circa 1980Circa 1985Circa 1990Circa 1995
The Day of the JackalThe Day of the Jackal, Corgi Books, 1975The Day of the Jackal, Corgi Books, 1980The Day of the Jackal, Corgi Books, 1985[unknown]The Day of the Jackal, Arrow Books, 1995
The Odessa FileThe Odessa File, Corgi Books, 1975The Odessa File, Corgi Books, 1980The Odessa File, Corgi Books, 1985[unknown]The Odessa File, Arrow Books, 1995
The Dogs of WarThe Dogs of War, Corgi Books, 1975The Dogs of War, Corgi Books, 1980The Dogs of War, Corgi Books, 1985[unknown]The Dogs of War, Arrow Books, 1995
The Shepherd[unknown]The Shepherd, Corgi Books, 1980The Shepherd, Corgi Books, 1985[unknown]The Shepherd, Arrow Books, 1995
The Devil's Alternative[not publsihed]The Devil's Alternative, Corgi Books, 1980The Devil's Alternative, Corgi Books, 1985[unknown]The Devil's Alternative, Arrow Books, 1995
No Comebacks[not publsihed][not published]


No Comebacks, Corgi Books, 1985No Comebacks, Corgi Books, 1990No Comebacks, Corgi Books, 1995
The Fourth Protocol[not publsihed][not published]The Fourth Protocol, Corgi Books, 1985The Fourth Protocol, Corgi Books, 1990The Fourth Protocol, Arrow Books, 1995
The Negotiator[not publsihed][not published][not published]The Negotiator, Corgi Books, 1990The Negotiator, Corgi Books, 1995
The Deceiver[not publsihed][not published][not published]The Deceiver, Corgi Books, 1990The Deceiver, Corgi Books, 1995
The Fist of God[not publsihed][not published][not published][not published]The Fist of God, Corgi Books, 1995
Icon[not publsihed][not published][not published][not published]Icon, Corgi Books, 1995