The Unofficial Frederick Forsyth Homepage
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I write to Frederick Forsyth?
The best way to contact Frederick Forsyth is to write care of his publishers, i.e:
Frederick Forsyth
c/o Bantam Books
Uxbridge Road
W5 5SA
Will Frederick Forsyth be releasing any new books?
Any new information I have on this will always be posted on the news page.
Can I get transcripts of his Saturday Essays?
Frederick Forsyth regularly broadcasts "Saturday Essays" on BBC Radio 4's Today programme. The BBC cannot release transcripts for these, so many people ask me how to get hold of them. Well, I don't know either! But it should be noted that many are available to listen to again via RealAudio on the BBC Radio 4 web site. If anybody has made any transcripts, however, and wants to send them to me, I would be happy to put them on this website.