The Unofficial Frederick Forsyth Homepage

17th August 2003
Well it's been almost two years since I last updated this site, but it appears that Frederick Forsyth will shortly be releasing a new book, entitled Avenger on 4th September. It appears to be a traditional FF-style international thriller, about Serbia, Al Qaeda and the Middle East. I'm sure we're all looking forward to seeing what he comes up with this time!
3rd November 2001
I have added a Frequently Asked Questions page to this web site, covering a couple of the most common questions I get asked. More to come eventually. Also, FF wrote a letter in The Times (UK) on 31st October, about the war in Afghanistan. It was transcribed here.
8th September 2001
Well, it's been a long time, but a new proper book has now been released by Frederick Forsyth. It is in fact the short stories that were going to make up Quintet, but was never finished in that form. The book is called The Veteran after its leading story. It is currently only available in Bantam Hardback, but I expect we'll soon see it in paperback.
12th August 2001
I have now created some mailing lists to go with this website. You can now join an announcement list to get announcements from me whenever there is news about Frederick Forsyth, or if there is a major update to this page. You can also join a discussion list with other Frederick Forsyth fans for general chat about his work. Information on the mailing lists is given on this page. I hope you find this new feature useful!
2nd April 2001
Finally I have made a few updates around this page, including a short biography, short stories, and his new publications. There are still some other updates on my list of things to do, however, including a section on films based on his books. If anybody has any information about The Dogs of War film, or any of the TV movies based on The Deceiver (featuring Sam McCready), please email me.

Also, please note the new URL for this page, Please update any links or bookmarks you may have. Thanks!

24th October 2000
Frederick Forsyth will be appearing on "Open House with Gloria Hunniford" on Channel 5 in the UK, on Thursday 16th November in Central London. Fans who want to go along can book tickets by telephoning 0207 691 6477 or emailing

Also in the news is that Frederick Forsyth will be releasing a series of five short stories on the Internet. See Online Originals for more information.

19th October 1998
No new news about Frederick Forsyth himself or his books, but I have added more to these pages. There is now a Links Page to other useful resources on the Internet, and there is also a Covers Archive which takes time to load, but is nevertheless very interesting!
7th September 1998
Welcome! Today's the grand opening of this site! So far, the only section in this site is the book information pages, but more will come soon. Please email me if you want to contact me or have something to contribute to this site.

Currently, the only bit of news that I know of is that the publishing rights for No Comebacks will be swapping from Corgi to Arrow Books in 1999 in the UK.