The Odessa File

The Odessa File - Arrow Books 1995The Odessa File
By Frederick Forsyth

First Published: 1972

To all Press reporters

Author's Note
It is customary for authors to thank those who have helped them to compile a book, particularly on a difficult subject, and in doing so to name them. All those who helped me, in however small a way, by assisting me to get the information I needed to write The Odessa File are entitled to my heartfelt thanks, and if I do not name them it is for three reasons.
Some, being former members of the SS, were not aware at the time either who they were talking to or that what they said would end up in a book. Others have specifically asked that their names never be mentioned as sources of information about the SS. In the case of others still, the decision not to mention their names is mine alone, and taken I hope for their sakes rather than for mine.
This is the story of the hunt by newspaperman Peter Miller for SS killers living under false identities produced by the Odessa - the organisation for former memebers of the SS. In the end he uncovers far more than he was looking for...