The Veteran

The Veteran - Bantam 2001The Veteran
By Frederick Forsyth

First Published: 2001
Some stories also date from 2000.

This is a compilation of new, short(ish) stories by Frederick Forsyth. These are the stories that were going to be published online as Quintet, but were never finished. They have now been published in book form, under the title The Veteran. The five stories included are:
  • The Veteran
    A detective fights a case against two thugs who beat a walker into a coma, only to find his case torn apart by a brilliant barrister.
  • The Miracle
    An American tourist in Italy is told the compelling story of a wartime miracle.
  • The Citizen
    A complex tale of strange dealings and drug smuggling aboard a flight from Bangkok to London.
  • The Art of the Matter
    An oil painting, thought by a group of auctioneers to be worth a pittance, is later sold on for a fortune as an Old Master.
  • Whispering Wind
    A story of the last white survivor serving under General Custer at the battle of Little Bighorn, 1876.