uk.* strawpoll service


This is a service provided to proponents of RFDs, or indeed any other users of the uk.* hierarchy, who need a way to gauge public opinion on a proposal. The most common question is likely to be to find out which is the most popular name for a proposed group, but this service could also be used for other polls (such as to ask questions about parts of proposed charters, or to see what impact a proposal may have).


Ocasionally strawpolls appear during the discussion of the creation of a newsgroup, usually to choose the best name. Strawpolls are a very useful tool, but are not as forthcoming, or trusted, as they could be, because of issues about such things as impartiality. This service is totally impartial, and aims to quickly and simply solve deadlocks in proposals by seeing which options are the most popular.



This service is being provided by Alan Ford ( I have been a UKVoting votetaker since 1998, and so have a lot of experience at organising and running impartial votes in uk.* usenet.

Please note that this is not an official service of the uk.* usenet committee. It is simply an unofficial service that hopefully the uk.* community will find useful.


Alan Ford <>